Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vedic Quiz

Q.1. 'Yoga' means

    1. Set of bodily exercises
    2. To link with God
    3. Breathing
    4. None of the above

Q.2. The purpose of Yoga is to nourish,

    1. Body
    2. Mind
    3. Soul
    4. All of above

Q.3 The best way for acquiring spiritual knowledge is,

    1. Sense perception and analysis of empirical data
    2. Inductive reasoning and logic
    3. Hearing from a perfect authority on the subject concerned
    4. None of the above

Q.4 The word 'Mantra' means,

    1. Secret chant
    2. Deliverance of mind
    3. Formula for peace
    4. Any cool idea

Q.5 The ultimate purpose of a religion is,

    1. To achieve peace of mind
    2. To attain lasting happiness
    3. To follow God's orders
    4. To develop pure love of God

Q.6 'Karma' means,

    1. Duty
    2. Any action and its reaction
    3. Good deeds
    4. None of above

Q.7 Being a Veggie is,

    1. Morally good
    2. Spiritually uplifting
    3. Environmentally benign
    4. All of the above

Q.8 The source of life is,

    1. Spirit
    2. Mind
    3. Atoms
    4. None of the above

Q.9 'Self-realization' means,

    1. To realize one's spiritual nature
    2. To realize God
    3. To realize one's relation with God
    4. All of above

Q.10 Human life is meant,

    1. To propagate one's race
    2. To eat, mate, defend and sleep
    3. To inquire into the Absolute Truth (God)

True or False

      1. Reincarnation means rebirth
      2. A real 'Guru' is one who claims to be God
      3. Consciousness is a strong proof for the existence of a soul
      4. The meditation for our times is chanting of the Holy names
      5. While spirit is eternal, matter is temporary
      6. Spiritual life is not for everyone, but a selected few
      7. The four miseries of human life are birth, death, old age and


      1. Non-violence means not causing harm to anyone, including animals
      2. Hinduism is strictly polytheism
      3. The essential teachings of all religions are similar

Answers to Vedic Quiz

1 b., 2d., 3c., 4b., 5d., 6b., 7d., 8a., 9d., 10c.

1) T, 2) F, 3) T, 4) T, 5) T, 6) F, 7) T, 8) T, 9) F, 10) T


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