Thursday, May 11, 2017


GURUVAAR   PRARTHNA - 11/05/2017




Our Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please accept our humble prayers on this Holy Day of Guruvaar. Baba, as we celebrated yesterday Buddha Poornima, we prayed  for Your blessings of Peace Peace and Peace. With Peace, our life will be meaningful and purposeful; with Peace our spiritual efforts will yield eternal bliss, with Peace our Atma will achieve its Ultimate objective. Baba, bless us and keep us always in Peace. On this holy day, we start our prayers by reading Your divine guidance from Shri Sai Samartha Satcharitra.




The night passed and it was morning. I finished my morning ablutions. Baba returned from the Lendi. People started gathering in the Masjid.



As was customary, in the early morning I came into the Masjid at the usual time. Muktaram and others, too, came and took their seats.



Some were crushing the tobacco in their palms; some were filling Baba's chillum; some were pressing his hands and feet. Thus all were busy serving him.



Baba, who was aware of everyone's innermost thoughts, softly asked: "What was the discussion that took place, last night, in the wada? "



Then I told Baba everything that had transpired; and asked whether a snake should be killed or not, under such circumstances.



But Baba maintained just one thing – that God is present even in serpents and scorpions, and in all beings. Therefore, we should love all.



God holds the reins of the world. All are under His command. Whether it be a snake or a scorpion, it cannot act against His Will.



Therefore, we should be kind to all living things and love them. Give up violence and have patience. God protects every one.



How many such stories of Sai Baba could be narrated? Therefore, the listeners should certainly gather the essence.







I bow down to Sree Ganesh

I bow down to Sree Saraswati

I bow down to the Guru

I bow down to the Family Deity

I bow down to Sree Sita-Ramachandra

I bow down to Sree Sadguru Sainath.




Sarveshaam Svaastir Bhavatu

Sarveshaam Shaantir Bhavatu

Sarveshaam Poornam Bhavatu

Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanteeh


-(from Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Chapter  22, Ovi  226 - 234)



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