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Baba cured the Injury of a Child Miraculously in Shirdi itself.

Baba cured the Injury of a Child Miraculously in Shirdi itself.



The following incident was related to Shri Arvind J. Mehta, Bombay by a couple in Shirdi, "while we, myself, and my wife had gone to Shirdi in the beginning of the month of March, 1979 (9 and 10-3 -1979), in fact the couple was in the same train rather in the same compartment while we went to Shirdi,


On, Friday 9-3-1979 in the morning while the couple was in the temple with their child, he was pulling his mother's hand, and he had a fall. For sometime the child did not feel any pain in his hand. On the advice of the Shirdi Sansthan authorities the child was taken to Shri Sainath Hospital where the Resident doctors could not diagnose definitely whether the child had a crack or dislocation in his hand and hence the parents were advised to wait till the next day when X-Ray would be taken. Since the couple had a great faith in Shri Sai Baba, they applied Baba's UDI to the affected hand and placed their child before Baba's photo saying "Baba we have got this child by your grace and we place him at your feet and it is upto you to relieve him from pain and from any after effect of the injury.


You would hardly believe that within short time, the child stopped crying and began to play as usual. After sometime, while was once again examined by the resident doctor, he found that the child's hand was quite normal.


Was not the child's recovery from his injury a miracle and that too by our Baba's UDI ?


Surrender Shri Sai Completely !! Stupendous Delectation and Deliverance be there !!



(Ambrosia in Shirdi – Stories after Baba's Maha Samdhi on 15-10-1918 – Written by Ramalinga Swamy,  Ambrosia-27)

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