Sunday, July 17, 2016

Are you now descending to Hell?

Are you now descending to Hell?



H V Sathe, a Settlement Officer and devotee of Baba was staying at his place, Sathe wada. Out of curiosity, he wished to visit a lady devotee of Baba, whose reputation was not good. Earlier in the day, he called upon Baba.


Baba: Saheb, have you been to "School"?


H V Sathe: What Baba! Have you made me a Deputy collector without taking me to School?

Baba found H V Sathe ignorant of local names and dropped the matter. Later on, H V Sathe visited the lady who lived in a place locally known as the School. There, in the course of talking with her, sexual thoughts were assailing him and he was in danger of a fall. Suddenly the outer door was thrown open. Baba standing at the door made gestures which evidently meant –"What! You have come so far to your guru! And are you now descending to Hell! What excellent course!"


Then Baba disappeared. HVS was saved in time by this proctor Baba. He left the School at once and never again visited that lady.


(Baba's Charters and Sayings # 206)



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