Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Baba's Gift - SAI KRIPA

Baba's Gift - SAI   KRIPA

Almighty is unbounded by the limitations of time and space. My Lord God ''Saibaba" is sovereign among the sovereigns of the supra-sensory universe. Since last two decades, by the day-to-day experiences, all the Sai devotees know that Baba is an Avatar (Incarnation) of Lord Shiv as well as of Lord Krishna. A transcendental personality, he incarnated himself in this mortal world to unfold by his matchless divine energy and unfathomed spiritual perfection, the supremacy of the supreme soul.

I would like to mention a few incidents of miracles observed by myself, which have the place in my life, on spiritual plane. No doubt, my 'Sai' cannot be personified, cannot be given shape. He is always in the form of supreme consciousness, which manifests in the form of light.

I had no second child for quite some time after my first-born son. Six to seven years have lapsed since his birth. We were eager to have another child, naturally, being young and enthusiastic about happy family life. The mother instinct in my wife became overwhelming and she became anxious to have another child. In those days of utter helplessness, none unveiled the curtain of divine plane and bestowed the divine grace, both of us prayed to various Gods and Goddesses, whom we knew or heard for fulfillment of our wish of begetting another child; but it was all in vain for many months.

In the meanwhile, my mother and myself went to Shirdi. My mother being more pious and religious and willing to accept any suggestions for the fulfillment of her wishes, prayed to 'Baba' with deep faith, for her second grand-child-male or female -whatever Baba wishes. And Lo! You may not believe! After returning from Shirdi, within a few weeks I got the good news from my wife, who bashfully told me that she was in a family way! But you can imagine the joy with which I heard the words. At last, Baba had heard the prayers and I was in ecstasy.

In due course, my wife delivered a bonny child. That was a daughter. We all were extremely joyous and did not forget to name the daughter as we had decided. We had declared that if a baby boy is born, we would name him as "Sai-Prasad", to be called "Prasad", and if a girl is born, she would be-called "Sai-Kripa" in short, "Kripa"- So we named our dear daughter as "Kripa", and went to Shirdi at the first opportunity, for placing the baby at the feet of the, Revered Sai Baba, even though the child was only 5-6 months old.

It would be a matter of surprise that even though normally the first syllables uttered by all children are 'Aai' or Mummy, my daughter started her language with the sacred name of 'Baba' on her tender lips. When we heard these sacred syllables on her lips for the first time, there, remained on doubt that even this young soul recognizes her benefactor in the divine planes! This proves that the rays of the blessings of Sai-my holy Lord and God-are radiating in all directions, crossing the barriers of time and space,

My baby "Kripa" always points out at Shri Baba's photo whenever we ask her "Where is Baba?''.  Even at the residences or our relatives or neighbours, whenever she sees the Photo of Sai-Baba, she mutely points out at the photo, suggesting as if, "Look here! My Baba calls me!"

As usual, I once again pray at the lotus feet of Shri Satchidanand Sadguru Sai Baba to shower His choicest blessings on each one of us for continued prosperity, peace, contentment, good health and happiness.


Vijay D. Hajare, Bombay 66


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