Saturday, September 8, 2012

Five more stotra translations

Dear Friends,

Recently I have translated in to English and posted in my blog as well as web site , the following stotras:-

1.Raghu Veera Gadhyam of Sri Vedantha desikar
In the prose form one of the greatest scholars of Vaishnavism brings before us several striking aspects of the story of Rama.

2.Shiva Puranam of Saint Manikka Vasagar
It is the first and one of the most famous chapter of Thiruvachagam . It is not the story of Lord Shiva but that of Jeeva in search of Shiva.

3.Lalitha moola manthra Kavacham
Here is the Kavacham involving the moola manthra of Lalitha . The devotees of Lalitha consider that this moola manthra is equivalent to Gayathri manthra.

Here is a prayer by Lord Yama addressed to Lord Jagannatha of Puri, Orissa

5. Sri Bhagawatha Vandanam
Here is a prayer to the sacred book Bhagawatham
All these can also be found in my blog .

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