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Unity in Diversity

Unity in Diversity
Atul Krsna dasa (Atul C. Shah, MD)
Troy, Michigan , U.S.A.
Presently, we are living amongst the most exciting and enlivening era of the re-spiritualization of our entire planet Earth. Two great and wonderful phenomena are engulfing and incessantly rejuvenating the entire planet with tremendous and full force at the gross and subtle level. These two giant Tsunamis are miraculously affecting the life styles, behaviors and the spiritual aspects of the entire population of this globe irrespective of their cultural, religious, intellectual, national, linguistic or spiritual background or affiliations. In the Srimad Bhagavata Gita the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna says: "Know that all opulent, beautiful and glorious creations spring from but a spark of My splendor" (BG 10.41) as well as "This material energy is working under My direction and the superintendence" (BG 9.10).
These two great wonderful and gigantic phenomena are:
A. The "Great Material Tsunami (GMT) or the Modern Science and Technology"
B. The "Transcendental Spiritual Tsunami (TST) or Transliteration of the Vedic Literature in Sanskrit Language".
At present moment, these two great phenomena are tossing and turning as well churning the every aspect of the modern men and modern civilization so every one of this planet may get the golden opportunity to re-rejuvenate their original spiritual nature and constitutional position as the spiritual spark. These two extra-ordinary phenomena are the just the small spark of the opulence of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. These two magnificent phenomena started or began their origin about four or five centuries ago and presently, they are acting and affecting every one in the full force and great magnitude in our planet earth.
Let us take a bird's eye view of these two great phenomena according to the Vedic perspective and wisdom rather than the modern perspective or modern wisdom as modern wisdom or perspective will be automatically included and described.
A. The Great Material Tsunami (GMT) or The Modern Science and Technology:
Past one century, we all are greatly impressed, educated and trained in and by the current Modern Science and Technology. In this article the Modern science and technology are described according to the fundamental principles and terminology of the Vedic Literature rather than the current understanding or fundamental principles of the modern science. The fundamental principles of the Modern science and technology are semi-scientific, less accurate and relative in nature. The super-scientific concept and the absolute nature of our Vedic Literature will help to remove the semi-scientific and relative nature of our Modern Science and technology. When the relative truth takes shelter of the Absolute truth, the relative truth also becomes absolute and perfect. We will see this fact in the following four passages.
I. The Physical Science or the Science of Inert or Non-moving Material Energy:
Text books of Physics, chemistry, mathematics, oceanology, geology, weather science, astrology and other basic books of material science are basically describing the interactions of the five gross material elements and five subtle elements as described in Srimad Bhagavata Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam – the ripened fruits of Vedic Literature: the Supreme Science of Sanatana Dharma from India thousands of years ago.
The text book of the physical science says that there are 106 or 108 basic or fundamental elements such as Hydrogen, Oxygen to Indium, Americium and Uranium as described in the Atomic Chart. The physical scientists are able to create many wonderful theories, instruments and innovations based upon the quantitative and qualitative measurements of these basic elements. These theories and innovations are marvelously used by the scientists and innovators for the constructive purpose and destructive purposes. But, unfortunately, the physical scientists are not able to describe scientifically or accurately about the fundamental principles of these material elements, the material energies and their inter-actions. The scientists are not able to describe scientifically the Qualitative aspect or the Physical-chemical properties of the basic elements. Also, Scientists are unable to explain where from and how the atoms and sub-atomic particles are originated or produced. Our Vedic Literature are able to describe very explicitly how, why, when and from where and by whom these material elements are produced or originated. If you miss the initial and primary steps, the subsequent steps will be disorganized and mistaken prone.
II. The Bio-medical Science or The Living or Moving Individual Bodies:
Modern Bio-Medical sciences such as Biology, Veterinarian science, Medical Specialties are describing excellently about the gross visible bodies of human and the sub-human beings. This gross anatomical classification provides the detail structural information which is used and applied to fix or replace the parts and organ of that particular individual body. However, this gross anatomical knowledge of Bio-medical Science miserably fails to provide or explain the reason and goal of the human body & human senses and the purpose of life.
Our Vedic Literature very easily answers this important question - the purpose of the human life. Furthermore, our Vedic Literature also describe scientifically about the Functional Classification of the human, super-human & sub-human bodies and senses. This functional classification based upon Ten Senses with their sense objects and functional objects (Five Jnanendriya and Five Karmendriya) according to the Vedic view are very accurate and scientific than the gross anatomical classification described by the Modern bio-medical sciences. Furthermore, we have experience that the natural senses are beautiful, natural, easy to train & master and inexpensive.
III. Modern Technology or the Extended Senses:
The Modern Technologies and Modern instruments can be called as the Extended Senses. Presently, these Modern Instruments and technologies or the Extended Senses are changing the life style and every aspect of the human behaviors in a very drastic way and style. This great wonderful Material Tsunami or the Modern Technology is affecting every continent and every corner of this planet now and in the future.
Some how and unfortunately, the material scientists and modern inventors are unable to explain scientifically the fundamental principles or the basic understanding how these Extended Senses or the Modern Instruments or innovations are working !!!. I am sure you all are surprised with this sweeping statement. I will try my best to explain this statement in the subsequent paragraph.
Our Natural Senses, Five Jnanendriya and Five Karmendriya are searching for "some thing". According to the Vedic terminology - Each and every natural Sense Organ is looking for the specific item or the Sense Object(s). These Natural Senses and their Sense Objects are classified as follow:
I. Five Jnanendriya:
1. Ears are looking for the Sound
2. Skin is looking for Touch
3. Eyes are looking for a form (Color or image)
4. Tongue is looking for a Taste and
5. Nostrils are looking for a Smell.
II. Five Karmendriya:
1. Hands are accustomed to do the manipulation and handcrafts;
2. Legs are accustomed for locomotive and traveling activities;
3. Vocal Cord is accustomed to talk and vibrate (hymns or songs) and
4. Anus is accustomed for an Evacuative activity and
5. Genitals are for the Re-productive activity.
This is the scientific information described according to the Vedic terminology. These fundamental principles are very scientific and very easily understandable by the Nobel Prize winners and high-school students without any dispute or disagreement.
Now, let us come back to the point of discussion that our highly sophisticated and wonderful Modern Instruments and Technologies or the Extended Senses are also Looking for SOME THING. What they are looking for? The Modern Instruments and Technologies are Looooking for Some thing is the same as the natural Senses Looking for "Some thing" just described! I hope you all will be happy to agree with me for this conclusion - the Vedic Conclusion!! This is the primary reason these modern instruments are called "Extended Senses". Also, the Vedic view recommends that our natural Senses and the Extended Senses or the Modern Technology and instruments must be and should be use for the higher purpose - to serve the Spiritual senses the Supreme Lord first and then take partake of the remnant of the senses and sense objects. The Vedic wisdom says that the Super Soul first witnesses or supervises our various "Sensual Abilities" of every Living Entity and then we are able to see, talk and walk etc.
So, any Modern Instruments can be classified according to their Sense Object(s) and Functional Object(s) as described. For an example the Audio-visual equipments are based upon the sense object Sound, Touch and Form (Color and Image); Modern scientists are not able to create an instrument which can taste or smell at this moment. Probably the pH meter can be considered as based upon on sense object Taste! So, any modern instrument and equipment can be classified according to the principle of the ten natural senses - Five Karmendriya and Five Jnanendriya of the human body. The natural senses are more efficient, beautiful, easy to use and natural. The disadvantages of the modern instruments that they are hard to use, not beautiful - they are ugly - , expensive as well as hard to master them. With the help of these Modern Instruments and Technology (GMT) or the Extended Senses our modern civilization are performing Herculean tasks and activities to make our body and senses more comfortable and pleasurable for the masses of people all over the world. There is nothing wrong with this advancement during our modern time but this advancement should be used for the ultimate purpose of the human life rather than only the sense gratifications.
Currently, the Great Material Tsunami (GMT), the spark of the opulence of the Supreme Lord, is essentially misused by the modern men for the perverted sense gratifications all over the world. At the VedicLiteraturetheSupremeScience, NityaKalyan, VFA & KrishnaBhagavan web site members, the Vedic Scholars, Modern Sages and Rishis of the present age, we must try our best to re-direct or divert this great and magnificent force in the perfect and right direction. The primary reason behind this apathetic attitude of the modern men is lack of knowledge and poor understandings of the fundamental principles of the Material Energies and Spiritual Energies of the Supreme Lord. Our magnificent and eternal Vedic Literature can help every one and any one of this planet and universe in this fundamental understanding. The Vedic Literature can unravel any kind of mystery including our current mysteries of the Modern Science and technology. In other word, the Vedic wisdom can de-mystify the "Scientific Mysticism" now and forever.
Also, I want to share with all of you about the great strength of the current Great Material Tsunami (GMT) or the Modern Technology which is unknown even to the Modern scientists and the modern innovators at present moment! The Modern Technology and Modern Instruments has already achieved the mystic perfections known as the Astha-Siddhis or Eight Mystic Perfections known and perfected by the ancient Sages and Rishis in the past as described in the various Vedic Literatures.
The modern scientists have already achieved the Astha -Siddhis or Eight Mystic Perfections through the extended senses or the Modern Technologies such as Audio-visual equipments - Television, Camera, Satellites and Space technologies. Unfortunately and surprisingly, the modern scientists are unaware of their modern mystic perfections they have achieved or perfected. The modern technologies have perfected and they are performing the following eight mystic perfections through the extended senses.
1. Anima 2. Laghima 3. Mahima 4. Prakamya
5. Prapti 6. Isitva 7. Vasitva 8. Kamavasayita.
Srimad Bhagavatam and Srimad Bhagavata Gita describes that the residents of the Siddha-lokas are born with the above mentioned eight mystic perfections. They can be smaller than the smallest, bigger than the biggest, heavier than the heaviest, lighter than the lightest, can retrieve any thing from far distance etc.
The modern technology and instruments are also performing these mystic perfections now! Hollywood and Cartoon networks has been using these Modern technology or Extended Senses to create very wonderful motion pictures such as 'Cinderella', 'Alice in the wonderland', 'The fantastic voyage' and many more movies and motion pictures. In India , Ramanand Sagar and B.R. Chopra have created the greatest Epics of all time - "Ramayana" and "Maha-Bharat" displaying the past times of Lord Ramachandra and Lord Sri Krishna. But the most surprising thing is that scientists and modern inventors are not aware of these mystic perfections they have achieved nor they are able to describe these perfections scientifically and nicely.
In summary, the fundamental principles of Modern Science and technologies can be explained very scientifically and perfectly by the Vedic terminology. The Vedic Literature describe very scientifically and authentically about the twenty five primary and fundamental principles of the Material Universe/planet as follow:
A. the Five gross elements( Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether) and Five subtle elements or five sense objects(Sound, Touch, Form, Taste & Smell) ( Ten items);
B. Five Karmendriya (Hands, Legs, Vocal Cord, Anus & Genital) and Five Jnanendriya (Ears, Eyes, Skin, Tongue, & Nostrils) (Ten items); these twenty items are the basic ingredients of the Gross Individual body, depending upon the species as described partially in the Modern Bio-medical sciences.
C. Mind, Intelligence and False Ego (Three items); these three items also known as the Subtle Body or Astral Body.
D. Time and the Super Soul are the last (two items) consisting of the total 25 fundamental principles of the material Universe and our planet as described in the Vedic Literature.
IV. Nanotechnology/Cyber - Technology:
Eminent scientists of this wonderful technology say or claim that this Nanotechnology will change the life style of the modern man in this planet in few decades from now. Also, they claim that every one will live happily forever without four inevitable aspects of the Living Entities in this planet and this material universe. They are as follow:
A. No more Birth,
B. No more Death,
C. No more Disease 
D. No more Old Age.
The eminent scientists of Nanotechnology claim that these extra-ordinary events may happen in our life time or within the thirty or fifty years from now. Please go to and type "nanotechnology" and confirm this claim or prediction for your information. The eminent scientists of Nanotechnology, surprisingly, also confess that they are not able to describe or they have no scientific terminology to describe the material energies and their inter-actions actualized in the sophisticated Nanotechnology instruments. They are really honest and humble! In other words, the Quantum Physic and modern physical theories and speculations are not sufficient to explain the material energies and their inter-actions used in the Nanotechnology!.
As we all know that the modern physical science and their theories all fall apart miserably at and beyond the atom and atomic level. Who can help these helpless modern and eminent scientists during this critical juncture to solve this problem? The answer is simple --- The Super-scientific concepts and conclusions of the Vedic Literature and not the expensive research and speculations! The three modes of nature as described in the Srimad Bhagavata Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam - the ripened fruits of the Vedic Tree - can help to resolve current problems of the Nanotechnology.
This wonderful Great Material Tsunami (GMT) is affecting every one of us and scientists are in the driver seat now directing or mis-directing the masses of people in every continent of this blue planet. We all are greatly impressed and stunned with these eight mystic perfections applied in our educational, entertainment, cultural, religious and daily life every where in this small planet. What is the purpose of these wonderful phenomena of our present age and time? Why the eminent and brilliant scientists are not able to explain scientifically the fundamental principles of their own territories or own creation? The answer is very simple that they do not care or worry about and they do not know the INITIAL PROCESS and the END PROCESS of the material elements or the material energies. The scientists are very happy to KNOW the MIDDLE PROCESS or HOW material elements work and their fabulous interactions which create or produce many individual bodies, the various physical and chemical processes and modern instruments and technology. Our blissful Vedic Literature will certainly help these scientists and modern innovators in this regard.
The ultimate purpose and the achievement of the Nanotechnology will be to prove presence of Soul and Super Soul within the individual body - Human or Sub-human. This fabulous technology- the spark of the opulence of the Supreme Lord - will help to establish this last frontier of the Vedic wisdom. This Great material Tsunami (GMT) will not help the mini-Hiranyakashipu type claim of scientists to be immortal, young forever and disease-free as this has been never happened in this mortal world with few rare exceptions. The nanotechnology is not intended or created for this purpose - by the Supreme Will.
I have tried my best to explain about the Strengths, weaknesses and the real purpose of the Great Material Tsunami (GMT) or the Modern Science and Technology in nutshell. Now, I will try my best to describe the Transcendental Spiritual Tsunami (TST) or the Transliteration/Translation of the Vedic Literature from the Sanskrit language to English and other languages affecting the modern men at every level for the re-spiritualization the entire planet right now.
B. Transcendental Spiritual Tsunami (TST) OR Transliteration of the Vedic Literature:
The Vedic literature are the original manuals or scriptures for the entire mankind comprehended and written in the Sanskrit language- the language of the Demi-gods by the Sages and Rishis of this great planet since the time of the creation of this planet and the material universe(s). The Shruti division the Vedic Literature describes about the description, characteristic and past times of the Supreme Lord as heard and witnessed by the great Devatas, Devas and devotees since the creation of this universe. The Smriti division of the Vedic Literature describes how these Devas, Devatas and devotees constantly remember and recite the past times of the Supreme Lord through their vast photographic memories or remembrances for the benefit of the masses of the people. Four Vedas, 108 Upanishads, 18 Puranas, Brahma-Samhita, Panch-ratrika and many innumerable branches and twigs and leaves or hymns of the eternal and blissful Vedic tree are unfathomable aspects of the Vedic Literature created by the breathe of the Supreme Lord. Srila Vyasa Deva, the "Literary Incarnation" of the Supreme Lord and his disciples and grand disciples composed this wonderful literary work of the blissful Vedic literature. This is just a bird's eye view only. Please consult the excellent books written by our various Vedic scholars for the detail.
The Supreme Lord is the most efficient cause of the all the causes and He do not duplicate any thing for no reason or un-necessarily. So, all Scriptures of different religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism and Jainism etc are originating from the single source - The Vedic Literature: the Supreme Science. Last five thousand years is very small and insignificant time period or millennium and the Supreme Lord do not have to duplicate the various teaching and spiritual doctrine for no reason. As we all know that the Supreme Lord descends Himself to re-established the principles of the true religion or send His associates as Acharyas, His servants as son or prophets or messengers in this planet and they all consult the Vedic Literature as the prime source of the spiritual knowledge and understanding without any deviation. There is no any need for duplication or deviation from the original spiritual teaching and understanding. So, the Vedic Literature is the original source of all the scriptures of this planet.
Srimad Bhagavata Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam - the ripened fruits of the Vedic literature - are the supreme text books considered as the post-graduate study of the Spiritual science. Brahma-Samhita, Caitanya-Caritamrta, many other Samhita and other advanced Vedic Literature are at the PhD level. Unfortunately and painfully, we have to acknowledge that the scriptures of the Abrahamic Faiths such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam are at the middle school and Elementary school level. This painful reality is known to Christian missionaries and Islamic Scholars for many centuries. This painful reality is reflected in the behavior and mentality of the European and Islamic intellectuals at the European and Middle Eastern countries within last few centuries. For an example - Russia became the atheistic and communist country for about one century. Many Western scientists and intellectuals believe that the religions are Hodge-podge item and religions are not scientific in nature. Germany , France and Netherlands have the high number of atheists and agnostics in the world. This faulty conclusion is based upon the first-hand experience of the scriptures by the followers of Abrahamic faiths – Christianity, Judaism and Islam - in the European and Middle Eastern countries. In a great denial and anger, the scientists, religionists  and intellectuals of the western hemisphere and in Middle east countries intimidate and force people with different religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism  forcing them to believe that other religions are also un-scientific and hodge-podge. Modern scientists and Modern Religious leaders are taking the advantages of the Great Material Tsunami (GMT) or the Modern technology to misguide the billions of people in the Eastern and Western hemispheres. So, all religions of this planet have a single source – Vedic Literature: the Supreme Science of Sanatana Dharma from India but with different level of understanding and quality. The Vedic Literature describe this different level of knowledge of the material and spiritual sciences in detail and scientifically.
The Vedic Literature with the super-scientific concepts and conclusions can help to rectify above-mentioned gross misunderstanding of the people of the Western and Eastern hemispheres of this small planet. How this difficult task to help the modern man can be achieved? The answer is - The Transcendental Spiritual Tsunami (TST) or the Transliteration of the Vedic Literature: the Supreme Science in English and other languages which can help the modern man as narrated in the following passage.
Srimad Bhagavata Gita, Srimad Bhagavatam and other Vedic Literature say that the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the cause of all causes and He has no cause. He is the creator of the Spiritual and Material universes and He has multiple energies. The Supreme Personality of Godhead expands into many Personal, Plenary, the subsequent Plenary expansions and minute particles or Jiva-tattva expansions.
1. Svamsa or Personal Expansions (Lila-avatara).
2. Vishnu-Tattva or Plenary and subsequent Plenary Expansions.
3. Jiva-Tattva or Vibhinnamsa or Individual Soul - liberated or Conditioned Souls. The 1, 2 & 3 expansions are the Personal Features of the Supreme Lord.
4. Brahma-Jyoti and Time are the Impersonal Features of the Supreme Lord.
As the Time factor the Supreme Lord is present in every atom and atomic space. This Time factor in the heart of every individual body of a Living Entity is known as the Super Soul or Ksiro-dayasaki Vishnu and in the individual Universe is known as Garbhodayasaki Vishnu. These two Purusa-Avatara are the subsequent plenary expansion of the Karanodayasaki Vishnu or Maha-Vishnu. These three Purusa-Avatara in the Material Universe are the plenary expansions of the Chatur-Vyuha expansion - Lord Vasudeva, Sankarsana, Pradhyumna and Anniruddha of the Vaikuntha planet. The original and un-contaminated material energy is as pure as the spiritual energy and it is known as the Vasudeva-Tattva or Vi-suddha Tattva or Suddha-Tattva. These Vishnu-Tattvas are the creator, maintainer and destroyer of the Material universes and They travel back and forth from the Vaikuntha planet to the Material universes - just like the merry go round. The Time factor transforms this pure material energy into subsequent stages of the Pradhana to Mahat-tattva to three modes of nature such as Sattva, Rajas and Tamas Gunas with Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva as controllers as well as twenty three items as described earlier. This is the wonderful description of the creation of the Individual bodies and Universal bodies in our Material world and planet. Modern scientists and Modern Innovators cannot even come close to describe these wonderful stages of the creative process of the Supreme Lord. Only the blissful and eternal Vedic Literature: the Supreme Science of Sanatana from India can explain this sublime truth for the benefit and Enlightenment of the entire Modern Mankind right now.
The sublime purpose and small glimpse of the Spiritual science as just described within the Vedic Literature is to explain the usage of the Sanskrit terminology. The Sanskrit terminologies used in the Vedic Literature are accepted and applied by all the Vedic Sampradayas and the Vedic schools of thoughts since the creation of this universe and the Vedic scriptures. The difference with the various Vedic schools of thoughts are at the level of emphasis and description of the character or emotion or quality of the "Sanskrit Word" used by the individual Sampradaya or the Vedic branch with various PREFIX , SUFFIX or ENHANCER. So there is no dispute or disagreement among the various Vedic schools of thoughts for the usage of the "Sanskrit Terminology". Also, in the various branches of Modern science, student is encourage, expected and forced to learn and use the "Scientific Terminology" of the particular branch despite the likes or dislikes of the student and preceptor. At VedicLiteraturetheSupremeScience, NityaKalyan, VFA & KrishnaBhagavan and other Vedic web sites as well as other Vedic educational system, we may develop the "Universal Terminology for the Vedic/Spiritual Science in English language" based upon the Sanskrit Terminology used and accepted by the great Vedic Scholars of the past and present. Sanskrit is the divine language and English is the language of the masses of the common people for the entire mankind now. I may humbly mention that the transliteration and translation of blissful Vedic Literature from Sanskrit to English language by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is very eye pleasing, mind pleasing and soul pleasing in nature.
The transliteration and translation of the Vedic literature started extensively during last three or four centuries after the arrival of the British and Europeans to India . Many great Vedic scholars and great Vaishnava Acharyas translated and distributed the Vedic wisdom in English language and other local languages in India and the abroad. The notable examples are Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Radhakrishnan, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Srila Prabhupada and many more. The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT), the publication arm of the ISKCON have already printed and distributed at nominal charges or no charges about half billion books, journals and periodicals of Vedic Literature or Krishna conscious literature around the world so far. The BBT is very active in the book distribution around the world now. This Transcendental Spiritual Tsunami (TST) originated past four or five centuries and it is at the full force now. The modern Sages and Rishis of the Western and Eastern hemispheres are very active, enthusiastic and powerful enough to re-spiritualize the entire planet earth in the foot-steps of the ancient Sages and Rishis. The modern science and technology are the vital force and ways to transmit this wonderful Vedic wisdom. These two great phenomena or great Tsunamis are just the spark of the wonderful and great opulence of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna (BG 10.41).
The after-effects of the Great Material Tsunami ( GMT) and Transcendental Spiritual Tsunami ( TST):
1. The atheist and the agnostic will realize that the Super Soul is seating our heart and He is giving us the freedom of choice - to recognize or not to recognize - the Super soul as his or her best friend and well-wisher. Let us turn our face to the Super Soul to recognize and serve Him with love and devotion.
2. Abolishment of the designation based upon the physical and bodily characteristics such as '"I am American, Indian, African, European, Chinese, Australian etc or I am black, white or brown or I am rich or poor etc".
3. Hindu priest will be very happy and ecstatic to say that our real and eternal religion "Sanatana Dharma" is glorified and helping the billions of people in this planet; the Christian priest will say that we have glorified the son of God - Jesus Christ - a lot but now let us glorify the Supreme Father and the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. The Buddhist monks, Muslim Imam and Sikh priest will be happy to glorify the Personality of Godhead.
4. There will be no difference in the depth and quality of knowledge in the Material and Spiritual Science between a Nobel Prize winner and a street person as this blissful knowledge will be available to both of them in their tip of the fingers easily and free of charge for any one and every one of this globe.
5. The scientists, physicians, professors, entrepreneurs, capitalists, general public and the leaders of the society will be generous and helpful to each others and even to the sub-human beings. These are some of the after-effects of these two great tsunami and we are experiencing this blissful effect of these wonderful phenomena now.
6. The Global Unity in Diversity for six to seven billions of modern mankind right now.
The practical applications of these two great phenomena:
1. World wide distribution of the transcendental and blissful Vedic Literature through the printing of books, through emails, through Internet and micro-chips. At VedicLiteraturetheSupremeScience, NityaKalyan, VFA and KrishnaBhagavan and other several Vedic web sites many Vedic scholars are distributing this Vedic wisdom now through the Modern Technologies all over the world.
2. Modern technology (GMT) will help to create a Virat Murti or images of the Personality of the Godhead in the sky so every one will have audience or Darshana of the Personality of the Godhead. The Shilpa-shastris of the South India, Rajasthan and West Bengal will provide the guidance to the computer and graphic wizards of the Microsoft, Dell and other giant computer companies in India , U.S.A and European countries to create thousand mile long and five hundred mile wide Virat Purusha or Murtis in the sky - just like the majestic rainbow in the sky. Millions of people in the Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern horizons can witness and have Darshana or audience of the various Personalities of Godhead, Their associates, Their devotees, sons, prophets and messengers in the sky during the ceremonies and festivals.
3. The glorious Sankirtana Yajna or the Congregational chanting of the holy names of God as recommended by Sri Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The Western brothers & sisters will invite their Eastern brothers & sisters: please come to our large stadium with the wonderful sound systems, karma-free diet and drinks. Easterners will say thank you very much for these great facilities and now let us chant and dance in ecstasy to glorify the Supreme Lord. The Northerners will say to their Southern brothers & sisters: let us have some nice competition between us - who can chant louder and longer to glorify the Supreme Personality of Godhead.
These two great phenomena are currently uniting and helping the six billions of people of this small globe right now. One may believe or not believe, like or do not like, qualified or un-qualified, pure or impure all are the participants of these great phenomena now and in the future. At the VedicLiteraturetheSupremeScience, NityaKalyan, VFA and KrishnaBhagavan web sites as well as thousands of truth-seekers, spiritualists, devotees and the well wishers are united for one purpose – to serve the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna - is the wonderful proof of this statement. Also, for the material or monetary gain and comfort many millions of the people are united through these wonderful modern technologies is another proof of this statement.
I greatly appreciate your precious time reading this Re-sent article - Unity in Diversity.
Thank you very much and Hare Krishna.
We wish everyone in this Planet Bharat-varsha Wonderful and Krishna Conscious:
Happy Deepavali
Prosperous New Year 2068
In service of the Sanatana Dharma
Atul Krsna dasa (Atul C. Shah, MD)
Troy, Michigan , U.S.A.
On day of Ekadashi
October 23, 2011
Blissful and Eternal Vedic Tree
Let the hurricanes, storms and cyclones come and go
The eternal and magnificent Vedic Tree remains unscathed and strong
Hurricanes and storms are beneficial for the wonderful Vedic Tree
They wash away the material and negative emotions of envy and jealousy
Hurricanes and storms help to blossom the spiritual emotions of love and respect
The Vedic Tree is eternal, blissful and originates from the breath of the Supreme
The hymns are the leaves; Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas are the great branches
Srimad Bhagavata Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam are the ripen and sweet fruits
The ancient Sages and Rishis has relished these sweet fruits and fragrant flowers
The ancient and powerful Sages and Rishis are eagerly waiting and blessing
The Modern Sages and Rishis of this planet to relish the fruits and flowers
So the Modern Sages and Rishis of this world may blissfully distribute
The Vedic wisdom all over the world in the loving service of the Supreme
Queen Kunti Devi prays fervently - O Krishna, O Madhusudana, O Kesava
Please shower Your mercy upon us in form of the incessant rain of miseries
So we remember You always and we never forget You for a moment!
Atul Krsna dasa (Atul C. Shah, MD)
Troy, Michigan, U.S.A.

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