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"Hatred is not conquered by hatred at any time, but hatred is won by love; this is an eternal truth" Gautama Buddha

Did Jesus Christ get this knowledge about the POWER LOVE from Lord Buddha?? I have no idea. One thing is certain. Jesus Christ spoke volumes, when he said "LOVE THY ENEMY [Luke 6:27]" Here he was teaching people the importance of the powerful thoughts of love. The love Jesus Christ was propagating has nothing to do with carnal feelings. It has nothing to do with touching, hugging or kissing.

The Love Jesus Christ was propagating is beyond all human emotions . It is very spiritual. Hindu scriptures states that BY SENDING POWERFUL THOUGHTS OF LOVE TO YOUR ENEMY, YOU WILL BECOME A POWER HOUSE OF LOVE. Most probably your enemy will refuse to accept your kind thoughts of love. In that case, those powerful thoughts of LOVE, will come back to you like a boomerang, and make you a fortress of love. Hindu scriptures states that ANY THOUGHT YOU MAKE, CIRCLES AROUND YOU, LIKE BEES AROUND A FLOWER. Thoughts are very powerful.

All thoughts are counted, however insignificant you may think it is. A THOUGHT NEVER DIES. It may lose its power or strength in time. But it never dies completely. If you repeatedly think about the same thing, then that thought will become a power source. If you repeatedly think that you will get into an accident, then you will get into an accident. It is your very powerful negative thoughts that got you into that accident.

If you develop prosperity thoughts, you will change your life dramatically, even if you are a pauper at present. This is one of the reasons why, Hindu scriptures states that A PERSON WHO SUFFERS UNDER GUILTY CONSCIOUS CANNOT BE EVEN SAVED BY GOD. So Hindus do not dwell on SINS or NEGATIVE KARMAS.

The worst thing one can do is to harbor on hatred thoughts. If you hate some one or something, believe me that hatred thoughts, circles around your eatheric body like thoughts of love do. So, if you hate some one again and again, YOU WILL BECOME AN EMBODIMENT OF HATE. In course of time, you will find even your best friend loathing your presence.

Knowing the power of vengeful thoughts, Mahatma Gandhi said: FIGHT WITHOUT MALICE. He meant that we have the right to fight, without hating the personalities or circumstances involved. Like Jesus Christ and Buddha, Gandhi was indeed a man of love. It was stated in the Indian press, that his assassin, GOD states had a tough time to develop hatred for Gandhi. He said before he was hanged, he developed hatred for Gandhi, by target practice on the pictures of Gandhi for years.

In the life of Lord Buddha, there was an incident of same vane. A dacoit leader named ANGULIMAL had the same problem of resisting Buddha's power of love with his power of hate. Finally, ANGULIMAL gave up on his hate of Buddha, and became a disciple of Lord Buddha giving up his criminal life

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